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Peavey PVXp 12 Bluetooth Powered Speaker 12 in

Peavey PVXp 12 Bluetooth Powered Speaker 12 in

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The ultimate powered, portable and punchy speaker enclosure.


The Peavey PVXp 12 Bluetooth 12" speaker enclosure includes many unique features that combine to deliver best-in-class performance and reliability. Its asymmetrical quadratic wave guide horn is mathematically proven to create a cleaner and clearer high end by eliminating distortion. This technology allows louder perceived volume with the reduced feedback and unwanted reflections. Ready for installation in nearly any venue, PVXp enclosures are designed to "fly" in both horizontal and vertical configurations. The PVXp 12 is made from molded materials with extra thick walls to improve bass response and includes advanced DSP, using high sample rates and quality AD converters. Not only does this allow users to customize EQ settings and save presets, but also it also lets the speaker optimize performance with loudness compensation.


  • Two-way bi-amped sound reinforcement enclosure
  • RX14 compression driver, with 1.4" titanium diaphragm
  • Reliable fan-cooled power amps with DSP protection
  • Total of 980W peak dynamic power
  • DSP control for precise crossover, EQ and limiting functions
  • Bluetooth input is via a dedicated input channel
  • Mix/Thru Output is via a male XLR jack
  • Durable plastic injection-molded trapezoidal enclosure
  • Extra angled section on right side allows floor monitor use
  • Top, bottom and right side flying point inserts
  • Full-coverage heavy-duty perforated steel grilles with powder-coat finish
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