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Peavey PVs 15" Vented Powered Bass Subwoofer

Peavey PVs 15" Vented Powered Bass Subwoofer

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The Peavey PVs 15 Sub is a compact vented powered subwoofer system utilizing a 15" heavy-duty woofer, coupled to a DSP controlled power amplifier with 1,000 watts peak available power. The full-length black perforated steel grille provides protection and a professional appearance, along with the sturdy steel handles for moving the sub. Large heavy-duty locking casters on the rear provide for easy transport on suitable surfaces.
Features include internal line-level crossover with two high-pass outputs, and one full-range thru output. Peavey's new switchable bass enhancer for extra bass punch from low frequency program material is incorporated for maximum versatility.
A threaded pole-mount system provides a sturdy and stable platform to mount a suitably equipped speaker system above the subwoofer.
The PA two-way powered speaker series are an excellent partner for the PVs 15 Sub.The PVs 15 Sub speaker system power amplifier providing the power is a low-distortion reliable fan-cooled unit providing a total of 1,000W peak available power for the system. The power supply for the power amp is a switch mode type for low weight and high efficiency. The amplifier features DSP processing for the crossover functions, compression and limiting, and the low-frequency EQ.
Input is via a combo female XLR and 1/4" TRS phone jack with balanced input to the preamp/EQ electronics, and a gain control. A pair of High-Pass Outputs in the form of male XLR jacks provides a buffered and balanced output signal for satellite speakers to carry the high range of the music. A Full-Range Thru output has a male XLR connector. These outputs allow linking of additional speaker systems, or feed of the signal to other devices.

  • Vented bass powered subwoofer enclosure
  • 1,000 watts peak available power
  • 15 Heavy Duty Woofer
  • Power Amp has forced air cooling for maximum reliability
  • Internal line level low-pass/high-pass crossover network
  • DSP based crossover, compression, limiting and EQ.
  • Bass Enhance button for increased bass impact
  • XLR/quarter inch combo jack input
  • Two High-Pass XLR outputs, One Full Range Thru XLR output
  • Polarity Switch for polarity reversal of subwoofer
  • Ground Lift for lifting cable shield from ground
  • Full-coverage heavy-duty perforated steel grille
  • Steel handles=Large heavy-duty locking casters with damped bearings
  • Compact dimensions for a 15 woofer based sub
  • Threaded Pole Mount with speaker pole included
  • Weight Packed: 99.20 lb(45 kg)
  • Width Packed: 28.1"(71.374 cm)
  • Height Packed: 21.1"(53.594 cm)
  • Depth Packed: 29.6"(75.184 cm)

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