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Music Nomad Premium Truss Rod Wrench - 5/16"

Music Nomad Premium Truss Rod Wrench - 5/16"

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Quality metal, thoughtful design.

Having the right tool to perform your key gear adjustments is critical. From tip to tip, Music Nomad’s Premium Truss Rod Wrench is packed with great features and benefits. The carbon steel construction gives you the quality you need every time, while the ergonomic handle design provides comfort and ease when using. The protective rubber bumper keeps you from jamming the metal handle into the side of the truss rod opening. It even has a magnetized screwdriver for the small screws found on the truss rod cover.


  • Strong carbon steel construction and ergonomic comfort handle
  • Magnetized screwdriver
  • Protective bumper to protect the headstock
  • Works great on Gibson, PRS (USA), Gretsch guitars and more
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