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Headhunters Crossovers II - Bamboo Drum Sticks

Headhunters Crossovers II - Bamboo Drum Sticks

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Crossover II Bamboo

A hickory drum stick shaft and larger semi round bamboo with the outer skin intact. The diameter size of the shaft is similar to that of a 5B drum stick.

Crossovers combine the concept of bundled rods with that of a regular drum stick. After lathing the unique shaped shaft of the Crossover, a centre hole is drilled down to a bulb area. Headhunters inserts the material (such as poly or bamboo rods) and finishes the stick with their user friendly 'Grip Control' which features a double textured 'X' pattern feel.

The major features present in all of the Crossovers are:
  • Incredible bounce and response
  • The bulb area is a solid bead
  • It can be played on the bell of a cymbal like a regular drumstick
  • Stick design can be used to execute rim shots and cross sticking with the sound expectations of a regular drumstick
  • The combined rods with a solid stick shaft design increase the dynamic range possible with this unique hybrid stick
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