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D'Addario XS Acoustic Phosphor Bronze Strings Custom Light (11-52)

D'Addario XS Acoustic Phosphor Bronze Strings Custom Light (11-52)

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XS strings for quality, durability and playability.

We know that changing strings is not at the top of any guitarist's list of favorite things to do. D'Addario's XS Phosphor Bronze Acoustic strings keep the fresh, new sound and feel far longer. They also resist breakage, so you won't have to swap out for a fresh set quite as frequently. It's all thanks to a combination of D'Addario's high-tensile NY Steel cores and new, super-thin coatings, plus a proprietary ball-end wrap that also helps stabilize tuning while increasing break resistance.

Thin coating, big sound

D'Addario's XS coating for wound strings is an ultrathin film. How thin is "ultrathin?" It's ten times thinner than the diameter of a human hair. Despite being so thin, it's also incredibly strong and smooth, which helps your strings resist corrosion and breakage, and keeps them fresher because the windings just shrug off dirt, grease and the other things that accumulate in their crevices and cause strings to go dead. So that crisp, ringing snap of phosphor bronze stays with you, every time you pick up your instrument.

Plain strings that aren't plain

The plain-steel strings of D'Addario XS Phosphor Bronze are not ignored, either. They have a similar ultrathin polymer treatment that fights corrosion and shrugs off dirt and moisture. They feel and sound new even after weeks of playing time.

Ends that keep it locked down

With regular strings, all too frequently the breakage point is at the ball-end winding. D'Addario's proprietary Fusion-Twist technology improves the winding at the ball-end for superior break resistance and seriously enhanced tuning stability.

Great strings that last and last

Longer life, more consistent tone, more stable tuning—sounds like a wish list for many players. D'Addario's long commitment to developing better technology to make better strings should put XS Phosphor Bronze Acoustic strings at the top of your shopping list the next time you want to freshen up your tone.


  • Incredibly thin film coating on all wound strings for smooth feel
  • Proprietary polymer treatment of plain, unwound strings
  • Unique, exclusive Fusion Twist ball-ends for increased stability and break resistance
  • Available in all popular gauges
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