Inside a Yamaha P105 Keyboard Repair

Inside a Yamaha P105 Keyboard Repair

Ernie had a Yamaha P105 Digital Piano open yesterday and was kind enough to show us how he got it working again!  The item in question wasn't powering up at all and the culprit was damaged membrane cables.

-The damaged membrane cable and some dirty key contacts.

-New membrane cable in place, key contact circuit board cleaned and fastened.  Time for the keys to go back on.

-This is how keys come on many key beds/keyboards - there aren't many single-key key beds left in production.  Instead, they're replaced in groups or octaves.

-Keys back in place!

-Another new membrane cable in place to communicate with the front panel switch circuit board.

-Key bed and front panel membrane cables re-attached to the mother board.

-Reunited and it feels so good!

-She's back in action! Please let us know if we can help you with your next keyboard repair.

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