Layaway Policy
Layaway is an option that Dave Phillips Music & Sound offers to all of our customers.

A layaway is a process that allows a customer to commit to purchasing merchandise with an initial minimum deposit amount of 20% of the selling
price.  This 20% commitment means that Dave Phillips Music & Sound has agreed to reserve the product for a maximum period of thirty days.

At the end of
thirty days the customer has the option to pay for the merchandise in full and pick it up, or extend the layaway for an additional thirty-day period by depositing an additional 20% of the original selling price.

Sixty days is the absolute maximum Dave Phillips Music & Sound will extend the layaway agreement.  At the end of sixty days the product must be paid
in full and picked up by the customer. If the layaway is not completed within the specified above policy then the layaway must be terminated, “issuing a store credit for the customer’s deposit” and the product placed back into inventory.